Coins are inconvenient to carry and transport due to their weight, so the smaller the denomination of the coin, the less popular it is.

When users sell foreign coins at discounts via the Coin birds app, foreign coins with smaller denominations require more discounts before they can be sold.

However, when travelers purchase foreign coins at a discount and bring them back to the issuing country, the purchasing power of these coins will jump back to their original denominations.

Therefore, we can use this feature to carry out risk-free arbitrage between currencies, denominations, and countries.

Why do Coin birds users use Wakacoin?

Wakacoin is a native blockchain cryptocurrency with only about 20 million issued, with a value-added feature.

Why do Coin birds users use CoinBirds Stablecoin?

CoinBirds Stablecoin is a digital currency issued by using Wakacoin Smart Contract. The CoinBirds coin warehouses accept people to exchange CoinBirds stablecoins in any currencies, outdated currencies, and discontinued currencies.

The price of 100,000 CoinBirds stablecoins will always be US$1.

Stablecoin users can earn high interest through time deposits.

Each1.net supports the exchange of CoinBirds Stablecoin and Wakacoin forever. Due to the complementary characteristics of Wakacoin and CoinBirds Stablecoin, a perpetual cycle is formed.