Why do Coin birds users use CoinBirds Stablecoin?

CoinBirds Stablecoin is a digital currency issued by using Wakacoin Smart Contract. The CoinBirds coin warehouses accept people to exchange CoinBirds stablecoins in any currencies, outdated currencies, and discontinued currencies.
How do people get their first CoinBirds Stablecoin?

Create an Each1 account and get 120 stablecoins.
How can people get more relevant information or the latest discussion from other users?

You may refer to the entries of the Coin birds Creative Competition or discussions in the Wakacoin Discord.
What are the rewards of Creative Competition?

Rewards are divided into two categories, cash and stablecoin rewards. Cash rewards will be granted in USD whereas stablecoin rewards will be directly deposited into contestants’ Each1 account.
Can a contestant of the Creative Competition upload multiple works?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of uploads. We encourage this as by doing so, the chances of earning becomes much higher.